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21 Nov 2010

My full name is Adi Prasetyo, I used to use a nickname adhie70. I was born in Jakarta and was born on March 31, 1992.
My school in vocational graphic DP, and moved to informatics engineering majors in college, I studied at university Gunadarma. I followed some computer forums Xcode, Jasakom, Echo, Indonesian Hacker, Indonesian Security, Jakarta Hacker, Kaskus, etc.
on this blog I reveal everything I know about computer science. In writing the article, I also look on google.com, so that a portion of the article is sourced to some other articles, but I wrote the source.
This blog is not perfect, because I’m just a writer who does not know a lot of computer science. Therefore apologize if there are mistakes in my writings. if there are comments on this blog you can contact me adhie70_pas@yahoo.com




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