Open Windows Password with Ubuntu

11 Nov 2010

This time I will discuss topics on how to open a windows password using ubuntu, edited from articles detikInet.

The first thing to do is create a Live CD or Live USB stick Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu Live will be used to boot into the system and perform the procedures required to dismantle the Windows password earlier. The easiest way to do that is by downloading and running UNetbootin. This simple application will download the selected Ubuntu version and install on the flash that you prepared

The second stage is to install Open Source utility called chntpw. This is done from Ubuntu by running Synaptic Package Manager. To get chntpw, Synaptic Package Manager should be directed to look at storage applications Universe. This can be done by clicking the Settings menu> Repositories in Synaptic window. Then, check the option ‘Community-maintained Open Source software (universe)’ and click Close.

Next, click the Reload button and Synaptic will download the latest package information from the Universe. When finished, type chntpw on the Quick Search box. If it appears, check the box on the side chnptw writing, choose ‘Mark for Installation’. Then click Apply to install it.

The third stage is to change the Windows password with chntpw. The steps:

  1. Mount the hard disk / drive that contains your Windows installation
  2. Open the hard drive it (click on Places) and record labels drive that appears on the menu bar window file browser
  3. Open a Terminal window (Applications> Accessories> Terminal)
  4. Type the following command in Terminal:
    cd / media
  5. Type: cd [label hard drive that you noted earlier]
  6. type: cd WINDOWS/system32/config
  7. To change the Administrator password, type the command: sudo chntpw SAM
  8. Will appear a few commands you can choose, the most secure command is create a password to be blank. Do this by pressing the number ‘1 ‘, then press ‘y’ to confirm
  9. Select ‘2 ‘to change the password to a particular word, but this has a greater risk of error
  10. To change the passwords of other users (non-administrator), type the following command (from Terminal): sudo chntpw-u [user name] SAM

maybe that’s all I can share. may be useful for friends





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